Your Complete Building Resources Partner

B.R. & Co. is a professional building resources and construction company. Our company is designed to deliver a highly unique approach to the world of building. We understand the importance of keeping facilities up to code, safe, and efficient. Our competitive advantage is that we are your single point of contact for all building services.



B.R. Shield

The B.R. & Co. distinct symbol is that of a shield. The nature of a shield is power. A shield has the power of protection from danger, and risk. It provides the power of strength and security. B.R & Co. takes pride in being the shield for any building services. By trusting in B.R. & Co. you are guaranteed the power of protection, and any construction or building resource provided.

B.R.& Co. is a licensed general contractor

License Number 1023393

License Number 949919*

*This license is affiliated with B.R. & Sons Co.