Our Story


The world of building is powerful, behind the scenes, and often unnoticed. Most of life's significant moments are experienced because of infrastructure & buildings. We are born in hospitals, send our children to schools, work in offices and make memories in our homes. The BR Companies represents this space through Real Estate, Construction, and Capital.  


Our Values


The B.R. Creed

We. Are. Builders.
And for us, it’s a way of life, not a job.
We see the world through the lens of opportunity.
If it doesn’t exist yet, it can . . . and we can build it.
We are creators.
Forever optimistic about what the future can be.
Forever contributing to its progress.

We build in the tangible world, of course.
But also in the intangible.
We build structures and culture.
Businesses and people.
We build value and confidence.
Impact & influence.

We are building the life and world we want to be a
part of.
There are no sidelines for us.
Everyone is in the game.
Everyone is contributing.
Everyone wins together.

Let’s build something . . . together.