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Our Story

Born a construction company, evolved into all things building. Our ecosystem is built to understand the journey of your project's significance. Our company is led by family centered and entrepreneurial culture, with a mission to champion the people who build.  


BR is born a construction company by immigrants Ramon Banos Sr. (Spain) and Gricelda Banos (Mexico), in pursuit of the American Dream. 


BR Building Inc. becomes a registered corporation in the State of California with 6 employees.


The company entered the Industrial and Commercial Industry focused on Food Manufacturing and processing construction projects.


With over 20 employees, BR opens its first office in the City of Industry CA. Now serving over 10 customers in the local region.


The company reaches $5 million in annual revenue with over 100 successful projects built locally.


Upon the passing of the founder Ramon Banos Sr, the company files for bankruptcy and with no succession plan in place, revenue drops to under $1M. The next of kin establishes BR and Sons Co. in honor of their late father's legacy. 


Seeing the opportunity for growth, the company enters the Healthcare Industry with over 25 employees and relocates to Glendora, CA.


The company reaches over $5M in revenue and drops "Sons" from the corporate name as Vanessa Banos joins the family business after completing an education in architecture, making her the first family member to receive a college degree 


With a strategy to grow, the business merges in the 1st company under the BR Brand and reaches over 40 employees.


BR is awarded the largest project in company history and reaches over 50 employees with over 1,000 successful projects completed in CA.


The company reaches $20 million in annual revenue and is awarded the Thompson Autism Center Project at Children's Hospital in Orange County, CA. In efforts to strengthen the company as an authority in the building space a Real Estate Division is created. BR now employs over 60 employees focused on Construction and Real Estate.


During the Covid-19 Global Pandemic, the company saw an opportunity to be proactive and hired over 80 more employees. More internal divisions including in-house trades were formed and an energy division was started to provide sustainable projects throughout the country. The company opened its first satellite office in San Diego, CA and its second regional office in the Midwest. 


The company reaches over 150 employees with projects completed in over 20 states and in Mexico. The third regional office is opened in Texas and a first international location in Mexico. As part of evolving the ecosystem, a finance company is formed as a way to add value to our customer base. 


With over 200 employees and project experts in all verticals. BR's new ecosystem focuses on Construction, Development, Energy, Real Estate, and Finance, throughout the United States and Mexico. 

The B.R. Creed

We. Are. Builders.
And for us, it’s a way of life, not a job. We see the world through the lens of opportunity.
If it doesn’t exist yet, it can . . . and we can build it.
We are creators. Forever optimistic about what the future can be.
Forever contributing to its progress.

We build in the tangible world, of course. But also in the intangible.
We build structures and culture. Businesses and people. We build value and confidence.
Impact & influence.

We are building the life and world we want to be a part of. There are no sidelines for us.
Everyone is in the game. Everyone is contributing. Everyone wins together.

Let’s build something . . . together.

Work With Us

No need to coordinate updates to eight crews for every single change. With BR, you have a single point of contact for services from initial design to ongoing maintenance and everything in between.